As a supplier of high-performance construction products, the Asian brand represents the leading technology and innovation. Innovative products and services not only enable the Andean to provide a skilled solution to meet the needs of high efficiency and excellent design, but also provide comprehensive and comprehensive service skills. Its range of products, including tile binder, surface self-leveling, wall leveling materials and common building materials.
The unique ardurapid (early coagulation and fast drying) technology pioneered by the Andean project can accelerate the construction period.                       
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Pan-Mordor meets the highest style, uniqueness and durability requirements. Seamless surface treatment makes it feel spacious. Concrete texture and industrial appearance can not only ensure that the appearance of public places to meet the quality, but also in the private living space more and more popular. Pan-Mordor has many facets! By applying a variety of colors, shades and techniques, each of the pan-Mordor surfaces becomes alive and has a significant impact on the room's visual effects.   
 Pan-Mordor also achieved maximum durability with minimal cost. Even the smallest thickness retains permanent elasticity, such as high quality parquet floors or soft natural stone.
Pan-Many Magic series by the pan-many magic wall, pan-many magic ground, the pan-loft series, terrazzoplus stone floor and terrazzomicro magic stone floor composition.           
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Dunlop is a leading manufacturer of tile, flooring and waterproofing products, including tile binders, mortar, silica gel, waterproof film, self-leveling and repair products
Its product line provides a complete solution for any tile-laying project, and the product selection process is simple for the most inexperienced customers.              
Dunlop provides helpful how-to information, such as following DVD operations. These DVDs detail every step of the bathroom tile project, from surface preparation, gravity and waterproof until tile bonding and silica gel construction. How-To guides (Operation Guide) is also provided to guide your next tile, seam and waterproofing works.            
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Premium Decoration
ARDEX PD is a well-known series of Ardex group Germany.
PD, Premium Decoration, provides the whole system solution based on the technology supported by headquarter R&D and centralized quality control standard. The systems are including damp/waterproof, adhesive, grout, surface design and impact sound reduction acoustic solutions, etc. With integrated German standard application requirements, we provide you the advanced service with high quality.
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