Breakthrough Innovation
Since its inception in 1949, Asia has become the world's leading professional building product innovation leader. Breakthrough innovation is the consistent heritage of Asia, it has promoted market development and changed the way the operation of the market. For example, the Ardex K 15 self-leveling floor leveling material is still one of the most popular products in the Andes. The latest innovations are our decorative flooring solutions pandomo®, or Ardex Microtec Marvell, which have witnessed the pursuit of extraordinary efforts by the Andes. One of our newest exciting research projects is Speedtec technology, which consolidates the reputation of the "high speed, high quality" in the field of flooring adhesives and self-leveling materials.
People and knowledge
The core and source of the Andean product development process is the central laboratory in Witten, Germany, as well as a host of local excellence centers around the world. Such a structure ensures the consistent quality of our products and meets the needs of the local market to the greatest extent possible. Regular staff meetings and state-of-the-art information technology are a powerful guarantee of continuous interaction and knowledge sharing. To encourage Cross-border information exchange and creativity, the international career path is well supported. We are aware of the need for the most talented people to ensure and expand our innovation leadership position.
But Ades innovation is not limited to the research and development department. It is an organic system that includes an in-depth study of cutting-edge customer needs, close collaboration with associations and universities, and strong interaction between sales, marketing, technical services, sourcing and research and development departments.
Our systematic global "stage gate process" for the introduction of new products is designed to accelerate time-to-market and ensure that customers are provided with quality and reliable products. This process makes onsite product testing an integral part of every development project in the Andean area.